Student Films 12/7


5 thoughts on “Student Films 12/7

  1. What a fun screening it was! I was so glad to watch diverse films from different people, different styles.
    I loved all the experimental films with self-introduction – I guess the theme was something that I like or hate? Films were short, but visually very clear and fluent. And all that analog feelings as a result of physical techniques were very pleasing.
    Awesome performances of 3D animations! Kun’s dance animating reminded me of Korean boy group, Super Junior, somehow. Haha.

    It was really fun, and awesome works, folks! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. What an amazing semester. I feel so much gratitude for the people I have met, the things I’ve learned, and the new artworks I have experienced. Aside from the under-the-camera films from my class, there were three animations that stood out to me. The first two were self-portraits that were back to back with one another (reminder of their names would be much appreciated!): the woman with the butterfly in her hair who rotated in front of the camera (you could really feel her pouring herself into this work and it brought me right there with her) and the poetic under the camera-animation about one man’s relationship to his pen and writing (the words and images pulled me in and entranced me). Finally, Kun’s dance was awesome! Espy gave me a little preview of this one day when I was asking her about the class and so I was very curious to see how a rotoscoped (or, live-action referenced) 3D animation would turn out and holy moley was this impressive.
    Great work everyone! It is an honor to study with you!


  3. It’s always interesting to see the work that other students in our university are creating. It seems like the films from first year grads were very personal and I appreciate that. They also seemed truthful or realistic and that’s something we can’t lose in our educational system. There’s always a great deal of pressure to conform to what’s socially accepted and it’s nice to see the different views that come into our program.
    I also thought the undergrads had some good work. From the burger monster eating things to the Donald Trump video I thought they had some unique animation.


  4. A very fast very busy semester, most of my Bolg are late. It must be said that this semester the best seminar is Mark and SOS, so I am confident to continue in the animation field.


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